Item bonereapers hook

item bonereapers hook

There has been some discovery by the community about a certain place we death knights have to go to.
How to get the Bonereaper's hook! How to unlock Kill abomination there and it drops the hook http.
There's a lot of theory on what you require to get this, but i can tell you what i had when i unlocked it. AK 7, Artifact rank 22. Using the "enter pr..

Item bonereapers hook -- flying

It gives a not close enough error ignoring the death grip and dark command abilities. Pretty sure it also requires you to be exalted with Highmountain. Added to this is the connection between Trag Highmountain, a DK NPC from Wrath of the Lich King that's also showed up in Legion, and Highmountain itself. Thanks for making the comment into a guide!

item bonereapers hook

They were never found in the beta. Sign in to follow. Research is ongoing in the thread on the forums. Now go and get your hands on this weapon, and disembowel the living that stand in your path. Book spawning in PG today. I'm sorry to say I have no screenshots, just my word. This addon, Hiddden Artifact Tracker, actually can actively per weapon track this stuff!

How to farm bonereaper's hook hidden artifact skin