Glasses dating site spex

glasses dating site spex

Spex, is the new dating website made just for all you glasses wearers out there. Gone are the days where you have to talk to a non- glasses.
SPEX Sees New Dating App For Glasses Wearers . content, sharp marketing material, blogs and articles for a host of sites on diverse topics.
A dating expert has launched a site specifically for people who wear app SPEX as she was conscious of her own glasses when meeting new....

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Click the uBlock icon. The dating reality programme takes love to the next level with its fly on the wall perspective of modern chivalry.

glasses dating site spex

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  • Glasses dating site spex
  • The app, which is still in development and currently only exists as a website, was the brainchild of Charly Lester, who was inspired by her own self-consciousness when dating in glasses.
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