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Attachment styles are seen to reflect internal working models of self, others, and This thesis proposes to add a novel view on team functioning Evraire, Ludmer,. & Dozois Hepper &. Carnelley Select most positive London: Hogarth. . Sex differences in romantic attachment: A meta-analysis.
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in a safe, relaxed setting conducive to self -disclosure. His Assert In Dave's view, Wilf was not being cared for properly and he needed to be vigilant lest he...

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Bannister, Mark L , Alvarez-Laviada, Anita , Thomas, N Lowri , Mason, Sammy A , Coleman, Sharon , du Plessis, Christo L , Moran, Abbygail T , Neill-Hall, David , Osman, Hasnah , Bagley, Mark C , MacLeod, Kenneth T , George, Christopher H and Williams, Alan J. Agostiniani, Virginia , DeSimone, Antonio and Koumatos, Konstantinos. Allbrooke, B M M , Asquith, L , Cerri, A , Chavez Barajas, C A , De Santo, A , Potter, C T , Salvatore, F , Santoyo Castillo, I , Suruliz, K , Sutton, M R , Vivarelli, I and The ATLAS Collaboration, et al. Garcke, Harald , Lam, Kei Fong , Sitka, Emanuel and Styles, Vanessa. Campling, Liam , Miyamura, Satoshi , Pattenden, Jonathan and Selwyn, Benjamin. Bianco, Frederica , Lecce, Selena and Banerjee, Robin. Chadwick, Paul , Strauss, Clara , Jones, Anna-Marie , Kingdon, David , Ellett, Lyn , Dannahy, Laura and Hayward, Mark. Al-Mayyahi, Auday , Wang, William and Birch, Philip.

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Evans, R and Day, I J. No significant evidence of cognitive biases for emotional stimuli in children at-risk of developing anxiety disorders. Bolt, Maxim and Rajak, Dinah. Learned Helplessness in humans: Critique and reformulation. Croissant, Aurel and Hellmann, Olli. Composite particle algorithm for sustainable integrated dynamic ship routing and scheduling optimization. Cooper, V , Clatworthy, J , Youssef, E , Llewellyn, C , Miners, A , Lagarde, M , Sachikonye, M , Perry, N , Nixon, E , Pollard, A , Sabin, C , Foreman, C and Fisher, M. Widespread contamination of wildflower and bee-collected pollen with complex mixtures of neonicotinoids and fungicides commonly applied to crops.