Doctor contraception young people

doctor contraception young people

a young person's guide to contraceptives. This brief guide groups contraceptives according to how often doctor or practice nurse – or a parent, teacher, youth.
Contraception and Young People, advise about teenage pregnancies. If you are not the patient's usual doctor and the patient has significant.
Does a doctor need to inform the parents of a young person? competent young person may give valid consent to abortion, contraception and...

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This is particularly important if the patient is at the same time under the active clinical care of her own GP or that of another doctor. Just choose which button to click at the end of each section to continue the story and see the consequences of your choices. Have pages recommended to you.
doctor contraception young people

Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. They are said to be competent if they are capable of fully understanding the nature and possible consequences of the treatment. The NHS in England. Taking care of. Or if you choose another option such as the implant or IUD the nurse will be able to give you some information to take home to read, and help you make the appointment to have your implant or IUD put in place. An explicit request by a patient that information should not be disclosed to parents or guardians, or indeed to any third party must be respected save in the most exceptional circumstances, doctor contraception young people, for example where the health, safety or welfare of the patient or another individual would be at risk. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Research: Consent to research. It would be unethical to promise confidentiality and then break it. History of government policy, doctor contraception young people. Skip to main content. Training and consultancy: learning disability. However, every reasonable effort must be made to persuade the child to involve their parents or guardians, and explore the reasons if the patient is unwilling to do so, particularly for important or life-changing decisions. Registered in England and Wales. If the doctor believes that colluding with the child in deceiving the parent would be unethical then the only moral course of action is to be open with the child, and if necessary to refer them to a clinic where confidentiality is a feature of the service offered. Confidentiality may only be broken when the health, safety or welfare of the young person, or others, would otherwise be at grave risk. Want access to MIMS and not a GP? Providing that young people trust that their confidentiality will page local fuck buddy sign respected by their GP and doctor contraception young people Primary Care Team, they are unlikely to refuse a request that information be passed to their usual doctor.

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Existing users login here Need help? There is no specific government guidance. Sexual activity and safety. Awards Rosemary Goodchild Award. Vaginal discharge Find out what's normal vaginal discharge, what could be a sign of a problem, and when to get medical advice. I think I know what contraception I want to use — can I tell the nurse about it?