Blog tinder vulnerability

blog tinder vulnerability

Tinder app allows you to find dates nearby your location within a few miles and connects you with them, but a vulnerability allowed the attacker to potentially.
Security flaw made it possible to pinpoint users of Tinder online dating app In his blog about the vulnerability, Veytsman describes a small.
Tinder has fixed a vulnerability that could've allowed users to track other Security disclosed the vulnerability Wednesday on the firm's blog...

Blog tinder vulnerability - journey

Of interest to us today is the user endpoint, which returns details about a user by id. Adobe released an important security hotfix for several versions of Coldfusion, resolving two bugs, Tuesday morning. Mimecast Tackles Email-Bound Risks. I'm going to talk about a different vulnerability that's related to how the one described above was fixed. Instead of triangulating, you could just "hectagonate" to find the person.
blog tinder vulnerability

The triangulation flaw could be dangerous in that it could easily enable a determined stalker to pursue an ex-girlfriend, for instance. Several good writeups emerged on the topic see They rounded to be an integer and not floating point value returned from the server-side. A very dangerous lack of attention to detail seems to be prevalent among Internet of Things IoT consumer products. Need a photo removed? Nice writeup, blog tinder vulnerability, we had published this exact finding - found by our analysis engines - months ago The Kaspersky Lab Security News Service. The only 'drawback' would be that it's much less stealthy. For Tinder, this issue blog tinder vulnerability particularly noteworthy since much of the app's success has been in convincing women it did not offer the creepiness of other online dating services, many sources have noted.

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Blog tinder vulnerability -- expedition

CyberAsia: How to save a factory from cybercrimina... Raytheon Foreground Security Talks... I then tell the Tinder API that I am at three locations around where I guess my target is. Your email address will not be published. With the combination of only home and work locations it was possible to determine nearly every users true identity. At Synack we are always eager to dig into new and popular technology and see what exactly makes it tick. Interop ITX - The Independent Conference for Tech Leaders.

blog tinder vulnerability